Friday, 3 April 2009

Should I post with no photos to show?

Because this is what stops me from blogging. I know it's nice to see photos an' all, but I just haven't been taking any.

It's been a quiet week, actually. No crafting, just looking forward to the Easter break, although I am still in work next week. It promises to be a lovely weekend, so gardening may well be the order of at least some of the day!

Let the chooks into the garden today. They thoroughly enjoyed the grass, although I can't say the primulas particularly enjoyed the attention they got from the girls! They even put themselves away (Cassie may have had a little to do with that!), which was the bit I was dreading the most. They're not as friendly as the last ones - not vicious - perhaps I should say more nervous. They will eat out of my hand, but would rather not.

Are they trying to tell me something???

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