Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Three weeks!

How did it get to be three weeks since I last updated this? Where has it gone?

Big Weekend in Lydiard Park was one explanation.

I sorted out my buttons.....
which gave me an extraordinary amount of satisfaction.

I visited three shops. What a contrast! The first one is some distance from home; I had a meeting and some spare time and decided to make a little detour. I often like to do this - my other half reckons I can sniff them out (since I managed to find one on our 'romantic' getaway in Iceland). But this had to be the least friendly and welcoming patchwork shop I have ever visited - such a contrast to the usual help and service you get.

The second is a gorgeous haberdashers in Cirencester called Sew 'n' Sew. Really friendly and helpful, directed other half to coffee shops in the area so I could browse unhindered. Patchwork and dressmaking fabrics plus just about every notion you can think of.

Finally, Lexi Loves (sorry the link is to a map of where to find her; I'm sure she has a website, but I can't find it at the mo). Limited but eclectic selection of fabrics (Kaffe Fassett, Amy Butler style), books, buttons and other odds and ends that not only light up your day, but may inspire you to have a go yourself. I've been here a few times and no matter which staff are on (includng Lexi herself), they're willing to help if needed or let you wander as required.

But I have been buzy with the needle and thread, mostly working on a quilt for my son from another mother ;-)

Grant was pleased with my little creation. Have to say I'm rather chuffed with the design myself.

OK, I'll try not to leave it so long next time!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Time at home

First I'd like to show you what came through the post a week or so ago:A little treat from I know not who! I took part in a secret swap on Misi. You had to make something beginning with the letter of their name. Being a T caused my swapper a few problems, so she came up with a 'trio of gifts'. And a delightful little trio they were too!

So, there are a few perks to having minor surgery - the main one being time at home and forced to sit still. SO I've got a few things done.
A brithday card for my son's girlfriend, who is 18 today! Happy birthday Danni!
Some crochet flowers, ends finished neatly at last and ready for some final additions of buttons .
Chicken update: Here are the girls. Chickens are quite camera shy - my lovely ladies assume I have food and so come up to see what I am doing, which makes it quite difficult to photograph them.
This is the bossy one (now, you'd never have guessed if I hadn't told you, would you?)
And finally, some photos around the garden.
This angelica is nearly 5 feet high, and has grown just this spring! Aliums and wisteria are among my favourite spring flowers

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Busy, busy!

Well, a little behind with the blogging! Chooks are settling in quite nicely, eating well and laying eggs, too.

Some ladies meet at my house on a Monday night for various creative activities (allegedly - more often it's an excuse for a good natter!). Last week, I made an apron for my florist friend Lesley.
Beautifully modelled, doncha think?? I need to get them to allow me to photograph their creative endeavours, too.

Then the fabric arrived for the prom dress (let's not go there). We found it had a flaw on the first 1.5m, but there was enough to get the dress out with a bit of careful cutting.

And much help from my Mum!
The original design didn't have straps, but Beth wanted some, so we added a little design feature
And here it is, not quite in all it's glory yet - shoes still need to be bought so the hem can be done
Beth wants beads on this - and lots of them! She wants it to look lke they've been spilled all over the dress
Looks like I will be busy over the next few weeks!