Saturday, 28 February 2009

New arrivals!

Last October, Mr Todd paid us a visit. On my birthday too, which I thought was a little unnecessary. Having previously taken 2 of our girls, he came back for the other 2. The only small (tiny really) consolation I could take was that at least he ate one and buried the other to come back for. At least he was hungry and not just having fun.

Yeah, I know, nature and all that. And I really don't wish foxes any harm. I just wish he'd eaten something else.

So, we tightened security. Fitted bolts. Checked the ramp. Cleaned the ark. And then - a first for me - I went to an auction. A poultry auction, no less. Not a biggie for many I guess, but I was very apprehensive.

We looked; there were quite a few lots and I had no idea. I just wanted some more chooks. It was just as well I had my DH with me; at over 6ft, at least the auctioneer could see him when he bidded; I'm too short to stand out in the crowd (unless they're under 6, then I stand a chance)!

So now I have three new ladies - Lucy, Penny and Totty - to watch over. I will take a photo soon; it's just that I thought they'd had quite enough excitement for one day. They're Rhode Island Red crossed with Legbar, for those who like to know that sort of thing.

Well, I'm that sort.

So now eagerly anticipating our first egg!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Another day

and not a bad one at that!

Things are getting a bit stressy at work, but should calm down in a couple of weeks. For those of you who work in education, if I say Ofsted, that will be explanation enough.

So, between the statistical collection, preparing information and making sure everything is spick and span, I need some normality. Probably in the shape of a sewing machine......

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Playing with felt and a Big Shot

I did something today that I've thought about doing for ages; I used a Sizzix die to cut felt. Although the blurb says you can, I am a little cynical and needed to try it for myself.

Sadly, the photos I took are somewhat out of focus, but the general idea is apparent. A trawl through my button box provided the centres. Some of the finer outlines never made it; the felt was acrylic and quite thin, and fell apart on a couple of occasions.

I have a bag design in my head that I think one or two would look good on and a couple more might make a brooch, too.

The family is all home from their visits away; son has returned from Sweden, daughter from her Nanna's. House is now back to normal - half term is just aboout over and so it's back to business as usual tomorrow.

How long until Easter?

Friday, 20 February 2009

There goes half term!

Well, I have a clean and (relatively) tidy house to show for half term. Didn't manage to achieve much of what I had hoped, but that's usually how it goes, isn't it?

I was hoping to list a few more items tonight, but my laptop is playing silly devils and although it can see the HomeHub, and can connect to the network, it is steadfastly refusing to actually go on the web. Perhaps it's its way of telling me I really should spend a little less time on it?

Well, I did start a purse today (when complete, l'll post an image) to match a bag I have already made and sold. Should complete that tomorrow morning whilst watching Saturday Kitchen and having a quick fantasy about James Martin in his greenhouse!

A girl's gotta have some fun!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

First listing!

Well, after much angst and trepidation, I've done it.

I've listed my first item for sale on Misi! A little bag made from my own pattern, from Japanese fabrics.
So now I can officially say that I have something out there. It's scary and exciting and worrying and nerve-racking and - well, it's an awful lot.
Visited Ikea today; got a few odds and ends that added up to more than you imagine! It was very busy and I didn't enjoy the visit as much as I thought I would, but got the things I needed.
Very quiet here with all the family away or out, but I quite like that. Just me and the dog! Gert lush!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Well, the best thing about this time in February is that it's half term, which means I get to book some holiday and be away from my desk. Which usually means some crafty down time - probably just what's required with Ofsted just around the corner.....

Had a good day today; took Beth to her Nanna's for a few days. Been a while since she has stayed there and I was pleased she requested it (and not, despite how it may seem, just because there'd be a couple of solitary days in it for me!).

On my way home, I called into my very good and old friend from school. We don't get to see - or talk - as much as I would like; life gets in the way. But when we are together it's like we saw each other yesterday. She listens to my ramblings and it is just soooo comfy. Love you Dawn!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Hoping someone might help......

well, I have a problem. (well, some would say I have several, but now is not the time or place...).

I've been asked to make transitions bags for children. These are bags that contain activities for children who are going through a period of change to help them through it. I'm not filling the bags - people far wiser than I will be doing that - just making the bags to hold the activities and adding a simple applique image to decorate.

Some are easy to put images on - first day at school, new baby - but some are not.

Any idea how you can add an image for bereavement or divorce? And not make it instantly tacky?

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Virgin blogger!

Well, it has to start somewhere and it looks like this is it!

I read so many people's ordinary lives and they're soooo much more interesting than the ones in magazines, newspapers and on TV. Real people, real things and a sense of humour! Thought it was time to join in.

We've had some fantastic snow over the last couple of days (I know some of you guys Stateside are used to this, but hey, it's a novelty here!). Built snowmen, some other sculptures, had snowball fights and played with Cassie (my cocker spaniel). It's still here this morning and I'm rather hoping for some more.

If not, then it will be back to work tomorow:-( I quite like my job, but I'd rather be home!