Saturday, 28 February 2009

New arrivals!

Last October, Mr Todd paid us a visit. On my birthday too, which I thought was a little unnecessary. Having previously taken 2 of our girls, he came back for the other 2. The only small (tiny really) consolation I could take was that at least he ate one and buried the other to come back for. At least he was hungry and not just having fun.

Yeah, I know, nature and all that. And I really don't wish foxes any harm. I just wish he'd eaten something else.

So, we tightened security. Fitted bolts. Checked the ramp. Cleaned the ark. And then - a first for me - I went to an auction. A poultry auction, no less. Not a biggie for many I guess, but I was very apprehensive.

We looked; there were quite a few lots and I had no idea. I just wanted some more chooks. It was just as well I had my DH with me; at over 6ft, at least the auctioneer could see him when he bidded; I'm too short to stand out in the crowd (unless they're under 6, then I stand a chance)!

So now I have three new ladies - Lucy, Penny and Totty - to watch over. I will take a photo soon; it's just that I thought they'd had quite enough excitement for one day. They're Rhode Island Red crossed with Legbar, for those who like to know that sort of thing.

Well, I'm that sort.

So now eagerly anticipating our first egg!

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