Friday, 31 July 2009

Huge update!

Well, we've been away on holiday. Found a bargain on ebay and ended up in Hargate Hall in the Peak District for 4 nights A grand entrance! The door creaks just like the Addams Family's front door - spooky! Below is the view from the shared area; the photo really doesn't do the stained glass justice.

Lovely place though, and an excellent base to explore the surrounding area. I haven't been to the Peak District before and I have to say that it is bleak in places, but beautiful.
Hargate Hall isn't far from Buxton with its lovely Crescent
and some very nice little shops - not your usual High Street fare (although they are there as well), but nice individual establishments. I really enjoyed the craft section of the pavillion; lots of very talented people out there!
We tend to travel round with a map and explore; visit tourist information to get some ideas about what might interest us and where to go. But some places need no introduction or enquiry as to what you need to do there - we visited Bakewell and partook of some Bakewell Pudding!

It can be thoroughly recommended!
Apologies for the quality of the photographs; it's the limitations of a camera phone!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Where have I been?

A very good question. Nearly then end of July already and I haven't been here since the start of June. How time flies!

Ends of terms, especially at the end of the academic year, can be manic, and this was no exception. So now I have a two week release from work and perhaps I may get some crafting done.

And post some pictures of what I have managed over the last few weeks!