Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Busy, busy!

Well, a little behind with the blogging! Chooks are settling in quite nicely, eating well and laying eggs, too.

Some ladies meet at my house on a Monday night for various creative activities (allegedly - more often it's an excuse for a good natter!). Last week, I made an apron for my florist friend Lesley.
Beautifully modelled, doncha think?? I need to get them to allow me to photograph their creative endeavours, too.

Then the fabric arrived for the prom dress (let's not go there). We found it had a flaw on the first 1.5m, but there was enough to get the dress out with a bit of careful cutting.

And much help from my Mum!
The original design didn't have straps, but Beth wanted some, so we added a little design feature
And here it is, not quite in all it's glory yet - shoes still need to be bought so the hem can be done
Beth wants beads on this - and lots of them! She wants it to look lke they've been spilled all over the dress
Looks like I will be busy over the next few weeks!

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