Friday, 8 May 2009

Time at home

First I'd like to show you what came through the post a week or so ago:A little treat from I know not who! I took part in a secret swap on Misi. You had to make something beginning with the letter of their name. Being a T caused my swapper a few problems, so she came up with a 'trio of gifts'. And a delightful little trio they were too!

So, there are a few perks to having minor surgery - the main one being time at home and forced to sit still. SO I've got a few things done.
A brithday card for my son's girlfriend, who is 18 today! Happy birthday Danni!
Some crochet flowers, ends finished neatly at last and ready for some final additions of buttons .
Chicken update: Here are the girls. Chickens are quite camera shy - my lovely ladies assume I have food and so come up to see what I am doing, which makes it quite difficult to photograph them.
This is the bossy one (now, you'd never have guessed if I hadn't told you, would you?)
And finally, some photos around the garden.
This angelica is nearly 5 feet high, and has grown just this spring! Aliums and wisteria are among my favourite spring flowers

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