Sunday, 29 March 2009

I knew I'd left the wreath up for a reason

I just didn't know what that reason was until this morning!

I came down this morning to make a cuppa; up before everyone else as always at the weekend. Staring aimlessly out the kitchen window, I caught sight of movement on the porch. I looked but couldn't see anything. 30 seconds later, out flew a little wren and started to pull bits off my clematis - and promptly returned to the porch.

The wren has built her nest in the middle of the evergreen wreath I put up by the front door at Christmas.

Magic! With luck I'll be able to watch her raise her brood. I put some of Cassie's hair out this morning to assist with the furnishing.

Used the embellisher for a project today - a glasses case for my Mum (shhhhh, don't tell!).

The flowers were created by twisting chenille into loops and needle felting the centre, adding a little silk for lustre. Stem was machine embroidered as were the leaves. And in case anyone thinks of appropriating it for themselves, it has her inital on the back..........

Another bag ready to put in the shop:

The flower was made using this tutorial

Happy birthday, Cassie-dog! 2 today!
I've been doing a little reading on the wren and apparently HE has been building the nest. He builds several and the female chooses the one she wants to lay her eggs in.
Oh, please pick this one!

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