Thursday, 16 April 2009

Mmmmmmmmmmm, Cup Cakes!

I keep seeing cupcakes everywhere; on the web, in magazines. They must be in vogue. All this cakey goodness has made me crave (no, not too strong a word!) cupcakes! So, I made some when my BF Sue came for lunch yesterday.
Though I say so myself, they were lush. Gert lush in fact (it's a Bristol thing)

Been busy with a few crafty bits whilst on my hols from work. I took the plunge and entered a swap, organised by Hennie on Misi. Made a few odds and ends (I found my letter very difficult), but of course I can't post them here until I've posted them to my swapper.

Actually, it's a secret swap, so can I ever post them? I hope so! I don't think my swapper reads the blog (not sure anyone does........!)

So instead, here are the first pictures of the girls:
This is Totty. Beth named her; some in-joke between her and friends.

This is Penny (left) and Lucy. Lucy has some problems with her feathers on this one wing; she came like it and I was hoping that a couple of weeks under our care would improve it. It doesn't seem to cause her any problems, no parasites or anything, but it isn't improving.
As they've only just started laying (2-3 eggs per day now - how many cakes a week is that?), I'm waiting for their first moult, when they will look incredibly sorry for themselves.
My boy (!) is nineteen tomorrow. How did that happen?

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