Saturday, 25 April 2009

A new flock

We thought we would get some more chickens eventually, just not yet. But then a friend told us a local animal rescue had an influx of hens from a battery farm and we decided we could give some a better life.

So here they are, for the first time in their new home.:

As you may have noticed (!), these are not in the condition the others were. They have lots of feathers missing, their eyes are dull and, with the exception of one, their combs are drooping - all signs of poorly chickens.
So we will feed them well, and give them plenty of access to the outside world once they've been with us a couple of days. I hope to document their improvement over the next few weeks
Warning - a soapbox moment! How is it possbile that allowing creatures to end up in this state can be condoned in law and morally? Please, if it's the only thing you do, don't buy anything other than free range eggs.


  1. Well done you, they will soon look great my did. They will love their new home just make sure they are put away early as Mr Fox is about a lot and he is not fusy what they look like only if they taste good.

  2. Good for you for giving those poor chickens a lovely new home. Was it a fox or a badger that got in the last time? Fingers crossed it doesnt happen again

  3. Fairly sure it was a fox; I don't think we have badges in the neighbourhood.

    Chooks have settled in and are eating very well - plus we've already had 2 eggs!