Thursday, 12 April 2012


Well, hope you all had a nice Easter. I’ve had a couple of weeks off work and this last few days I’ve been home alone, just me and Cassie (my dog). The weather has been somewhat variable with brilliant sunshine one minute and heavy rain the next.

So, for the latest kiln work. First of all, I had an order to complete; set of 4 coasters that will be a wedding present.
I cut the hearts out of copper sheet and, using an embossing tool, embossed them with hearts and swirls. The smaller pieces are confetti - very thin glass in shades of pink. Cover with another layer of glass and fire to full fuse.
Simple but very nice; I've sold quite a few of these.

Then some experimenting. I saw some work by a glass artist who had made some beach huts out of glass and fancied a go. It certainly put my glass cutting skills to the test and these seem to be improving. I also made the flower panel, cutting the petal shapes.

One of the experiments didn’t go quite so well. I’d read that you can put organic matter between glass (top centre). Although the organic matter burns off, it should leave a residue, sandwiched between the pieces of glass. I used a skeleton from a physalis but I think it may have been somewhat too skeletal, as all I seem to be left with is a lovely clear piece of glass.

Win some, lose some!

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