Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Another (slightly shorter!) absence!

Hi all!

A quick check in! Haven't had much time for indoor pleasure at the moment; with the lovely weather, I've taken the opportunity to work in the garden, starting preparations for this year's Open Gardens in June. This has been happening for over 10 years now, organised by the lovely Lesley from Riddlers Cottage Flowers.

On the glass front, I've had a couple of learning curves (prefer to think of them this way rather that disaters!). I've learned:
  1. If you place more than one sheet of thinfire paper on the shelf (patchwork style), you get lines on the back of your pieces. I didn't think a layer of paper could make so much difference!
  2. When peices are refired, they may spread further than they did at first. (I was banking on the rule that says glass spreads to '2 layers thick')
  3. When peices are refired, air bubbles may pop, leaving a hole in the glass surface.

I discovered (2) and (3) after deciding to refire after (1). At least, now I know!

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