Sunday, 10 January 2010

The disadvantage of a male brain.... that you don't read instructions.

It has often been said that there is more than a little maleness in the way I think. I cannot deny that this is the case. Even less so now I have made this quilt.

Fortunately I am consistent in my errors. The diamond shapes should have formed a very pretty star radiating from the centres; instead I have an on-point square and a windmill-like formation. Fortunately an attractive windmill formation!
I know, had I not told you all, you would not have noticed the error, and the quilt is OK. Not what was expected but hey-ho! For those of you who like to know these kind of things, it was made using a Moda jelly roll called Northern Solitude and there is still lots left, including quite a few whole strips. I've decided that I'd like a thin sash to frame the blocks before the border goes on and (despite having several boxes of fabric) I don't have the right one in sufficient quantities to do this. So this on is on hold.

I enjoyed a couple of snow days this week, hence the completion of a whole quilt top. (I'd like a few more, although I'm aware that this may not be universally popular).

Cassie dog loves the snow and can even make her own snowballs. She had to be left in the kitchen to defrost when we came home

Next quilt started...but I can't post a picture as my laptop is refusing to play. Ho hum!

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